The Duality of the Hijab

Pallavi Aiyar

Indian liberals see it as choice but their Indonesian counterparts as coercion

Punishing Your Own Voter

The meat ban in South Delhi is an interference in the Hindu way of life

A Court Gets It Right on Hijab

The path requires judicial sagacity and eschewing of activism on the part of the courts

An Inconvenient Truth

The forced migration of Kashmiri Pandits, for long kept out of the national narrative, is finally becoming visible and gaining the attention of the rest of India

The Clasp of Civilisations

Traces of India from China to Spain show culture is never static

Haute Hijab

When It’s a Fashion Statement

They Have Come a Long Way

Muslim girls and women have made significant progress in education and skill development that must be protected from the noisy politics of the hijab

KR Meera: The Verdict

KR Meera’s novella weaves magic realism through religious and gender strife

The Boon of Goutama

The origin of the Tryambakeshvara jyotirlingam

Yoga and Kshema

Balancing ease of doing business and ease of living


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