Dividends of Disruption

Dhiraj Nayyar

For a cleaner, fairer and faster future

Demonetisation: One Year After

The performer’s boldest stroke

The Butterfly Effect

Modi reaps big political dividends through a series of low-profile reforms

The Death of Rotten India

From black mark to gold standard

25 Years of 1991 Reforms: In Praise of Creative Destruction

Twenty-five years after the reforms of 1991, India needs more if the country is to escape the Middle Income Trap

Where Passion meets Purpose

The pace of overall reforms has been slow but Prime Minister Modi scores full marks in foreign policy

Have Laws, Will Flout

To fast-track reforms, India’s Prime Minister apparently wants to bulldoze green clearance barriers

Indian Cricket 2.0

That Indian cricket needs reforms is now widely acknowledged. But as much as some good ideas, what it will take to fix it is a stiff dose of intent

Who Killed the Reforms Rabbit?

The Indian middle-class, the biggest beneficiary of liberalisation, is the prime accused. Here is why

Waiting for the Trigger

The direction of the market from here on will be determined by the next wave of reforms and its impact on corporate earnings. But can the Government deliver?


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