‘A Biographer Is an Artist under Oath,’ says Ramachandra Guha

Nandini Nair

Ramachandra Guha’s new book portrays seven westerners who joined India’s freedom movement. He speaks to Nandini Nair about today’s rebels and the meaning of patriotism

Vakkom Moulavi: My Grandfather, the Rebel

The Moulavi who defied the orthodoxies of politics and religion

George Fernandes: The Last Street Fighter

In the end, the erstwhile action hero of Indian politics was left with no cause except his own relevance 

Kapil Mishra: Fast Unto Not Death

Kapil Mishra is the latest politician using that gimmick

Orphans of the Great Republic

The rise of the New Rebel

The Anti-Designer

Kallol Datta’s creations are mad, dark, uncool and full of disdain for the standard conventions of fashion design

The Going Gets Bloody

An attack on a BSP rebel. A defensive speech by Mayawati. Spot the link

The Rebel Musician

A stash of lost-and-found songs predating Independence reveals the revolutionary face of one of India’s greatest musical talents, Salil Chowdhury

Battle of Bhadu

In a prison in Calcutta, Mimlu Sen learns the meaning of ‘bhadu’, the season of scarcity. But Bhadu is also a deity of hope, one that gives uneducated, imprisoned women the strength to carry on. And one that her rebel comrades could not comprehend

Truth Is My Religion

In India, says former forest officer Rajendra Pratap Balwan, who was victimised for trying to save the Aravali forests, you are a rebel if you go by the book


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