Rajya Sabha

A Pause in My Meteor Showers

Shreevatsa Nevatia

A bipolar patient welcomes the passing of the Mental Health Care Bill in the Rajya Sabha

GST: The Life and Times of a Bill

The travails of the GST Bill bring out the best and the worst of Indian politics. Will Congress buckle under isolation?

From Court to House

As national parties increasingly find themselves fighting legal battles, influential lawyers walk away with Rajya Sabha nominations

Swapan Dasgupta: Getting it Right

An advocate of ‘civilised debate’ in the polarised political climate

Why Javed Akhtar Owes Owaisi an Apology

Javed Akhtar spoke as if Owaisi’s remark was a personal insult and lashed out at a leader who -- unlike him -- is an elected Member of Parliament

After Bihar: Be the Master and Skip the House

There are plenty of initiatives that Modi can take to keep the economic reforms going even if Bihar makes a dent in his bid for a Rajya Sabha majority

Restless Pawar

The ageing Maratha stalwart has everyone guessing which way he will go

Parliament: Six Decades of Decline

India’s Parliament turns 60

India This Week

Jaitley’s Open Testimony; Hangman Dies; Shopian Report No Gospel Truth: High Court; Telangana: Mayhem at Midnight; and Plot too Thick for Tharoor


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