Rajya Sabha

Open Diary

Swapan Dasgupta

Venkaiah Naidu’s exemplary leadership of the Rajya Sabha

Change the Chamber Music

For a Rajya Sabha that truly reflects the interests of the states

A Variety of Absences

Sachin Tendulkar outside the field


The undeserved pay of MPs, Smriti Irani's alienation of officials and a mockery of Rajya Sabha ideals


The jinx of a global broadcaster, tale of a Nirav Modi showroom, and beeline for Rajya Sabha seats


The low Rajya Sabha attendance of celebrities and the sad case of a forgotten grandfather

The Aspiring Brahmin

On the strange ambition of a Malayalam movie star turned politician


Humour lost on netas and the media under Modi Raj

M Venkaiah Naidu: A Friend and Loyalist

Geography and ideological pedigree make M Venkaiah Naidu the perfect choice

Ram Nath Kovind: First Person Singular

It is not his Dalit identity alone that makes Ram Nath Kovind an ideal presidential choice


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