Raghuram Rajan

Mumbai Notebook

City's open spaces and Raghuram Rajan’s new book

Raghuram Rajan: ‘There’s anger at the elite’

Siddharth Singh in Open conversation with Raghuram Rajan

The Curious Case of Urjit Patel

An RBI Governor who does not budge could be costly for the country

Raghuram Rajan: The Hesitant Memoirist

Indian officials have always been cautious autobiographers. So is Raghuram Rajan

The Reverse Bank of India

An institution that gave up independence on the verge of winning it

The RBI’s Next Owl

Let’s hear it for—and from—Governor Urjit Patel

Prove the Sceptics Wrong

They don't think we can achieve price stability. But they said the same of self rule

Raghuram Rajan: The Governor and Governance

Raghuram Rajan’s exit and the question of institutional independence

Raghuram Rajan: The Big Bank Theorist

When the world is hurtling through economic crises and India stands relatively unhurt, the credit, in no small measure, goes to Raghuram Rajan


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