Losing the Idea of India

Hartosh Singh Bal

Sometimes alienation can be addressed the usual way. Sometimes not. In this rather special case, maybe it’s time to begin all over again: by listening

Raiders of a Different Arc

Last week, India became the champions of circle kabaddi, a game that combines the skills of wrestling, judo and athletics, all at once.

Gone in Thirty Seconds

In rowdy-as-ever Punjab, the spirit of kabaddi trumped the heat, chaos and IPL cricket in a festive celebration of the game.

India This Week

Mulayam May Lose Strength in the RS; Where’s the Thackeray Roar?; A Life of Dissent; Naga Negotiations; The Dera Riots That Could Well Have Been

India This Week

Punjab: Where Violence Begets Violence; Congress Fights Hard for UP; When the Forces are not with Chidambaram; Why Only Narsimha Rao; Losing Control of the Telangana Movement?

Kitte Mil Ve Mahi

This is invisible Punjab, bypassing the airbrushed mythology of its prosperity and the always-happy-always-cheerful Punjabi. This is a key to the understanding of how the Sufi way has come to rest with the state’s impoverished Dalits.

Life Affirmative

Zaffarwal went to Pakistan several times. He says that Khalistan terrorists were puppets in the hands of the ISI

For Solace and Refuge

As her comrades at the Golden Temple complex dropped dead one by one, she was soon holding a rifle herself

Partial Healing

Kuki awaits news that might finally grant him his freedom—in part thanks to the daughter of a man he allegedly killed

My Punjab, Their Punjab

Aatish Taseer and Daniyal Mueenuddin’s books revisit their fathers’ land to reveal the contradiction between Islam and feudal authority in Pakistan


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