Preaching Terror In Punjab

Siddharth Singh

Intimations of a Bhindranwale—and the same old mistakes by the state government

Beware the Muffler Man

Arvind Kejriwal is here to stay

Don’t Breathe

How Punjab’s populism fuels air pollution

Valour Undimmed

The history of Punjab through art and objects

P-Company: The Gangs of Punjab

Gangsters in Punjab are creating their own version of the Mumbai underworld

Taxpayers’ Money

AAP spent ₹700 crore on blowing their trumpet in ads in several states

A Clever Politician

The same trick of free bijli-paani that saw the Delhiites vote in droves for AAP was refined further in Punjab

A Moveable Feat

With some creative skills and good old-fashioned jugaad, an informal industry lifts your home and sometimes shifts it too

Gujarat and Punjab: Tales to Two States

Gujarat snares a big deal, Punjab gets a denial

Putting an end to power sector revadis

The Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2022 will become a law sooner or later and is a key step in this process


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