Back to Punjab

Siddharth Singh

The state’s continuing political volatility has spawned a new Pakistan

Welfare Without Populism

The Modi government resists economic appeasement even as Opposition-ruled states revel in it

Freebies Fetish

Every time the Indian economy seems capable of sustaining high growth, welfare populism makes a comeback

Banning Bajrang Dal?

The hasty visits of Congress leaders to various Hanuman temples did indicate their concern about the ill-considered manifesto promise

Farm Unions Muddy Wrestling Match

Presence of some of the unions who blockaded Delhi over the farm bills raised worrying questions

The Man Who Mistook Himself for Bhindranwale

Just before Amritpal Singh went underground, Open travelled with the radical separatist in the region that was once the epicentre of insurgency in Punjab. With the government’s belated crackdown, has the crisis been averted? A dispatch

Preaching Terror In Punjab

Intimations of a Bhindranwale—and the same old mistakes by the state government

Beware the Muffler Man

Arvind Kejriwal is here to stay

Don’t Breathe

How Punjab’s populism fuels air pollution

Valour Undimmed

The history of Punjab through art and objects


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