The State of Crime

Madhavankutty Pillai

We might not know the real state of crime in India, but it is much more than what the report shows

The Unexpected Happy Ending

What the career of the new Mumbai police commissioner says about the Indian system

Tough Girls

From Udaan to Delhi Crime, women police officers are on a roll. Less so in real life

Police Story

How to save the most backward force in our public service

The Well-Connected Cops of Bengaluru

The Twitter handle of the city police is about to cross a million followers. Meet the team of constables behind the makeover

Prison Diaries

Where institutional cruelty is the norm

Citizen Chained

A regional classic brings out the dehumanising experience of prison life

A Passage to Unfreedom

Censorship in liberal democracies has shifted from policing the entire terrain of representation to policing boundaries

Making IPS Officers Work up a Sweat

It took 26/11 for the establishment to wake up to the needs of modern-day policing. The new training regimen gives hope


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