Tax Errorism

Bibek Debroy

The fault is not in our raids but in our exemptions

When Breath Becomes Fatal

Author and researcher Dean Spears asserts that India’s air pollution does not merely kill children, it also impacts each generation of survivors

India’s Adventure with Modi

Five fundamental shifts in politics and policies

How Modi Won the Status War

The sociology of a landslide

Leprosy: The Failed Eradication

Leprosy continues to resist being wiped out in India because the battle against it was called a victory too soon

Open Skies and Closed Slots

The trouble with Indian aviation 

Economic Lessons From the Raj

The myth of colonial plunder

An American Disorder

Five scenarios in case of a Trump trainwreck

Just Do It

Between his first term as Finance Minister in the early 90s, when Manmohan Singh ushered in economic reforms, and his second term now, India has changed dramatically. But Manmohan Singh in 2012 is a different man, with a different boss and political circumstances. There are powerful reasons though why he must push key reforms


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