The Memory of Krishna

Bibek Debroy

The returns from the hymn of peace range from wealth to wellness

Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam: Peace Messenger

The Grand Mufti of Egypt is on a mission to promote Islam’s relations with other faithsPr

The View from the Summit

The dividends of beauty, family, friendship and 25 years of life in the hills

Kasauli Roughcut

A small hillstation for those who value the sound of silence

Big Fat Family

In what could be the largest family in the world, men live with dozens of wives and scores of children, and all survive in enviable peace.

Songs of War

These young musicians from strife-torn places like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka are rebels in their homeland. But they believe their music is a weapon of peace.

Iron Lady of Manipur

Irom Sharmila believes a book has power. She’s right, the story of her life does carry the power to torment our conscience.

Lost in Translation

Peace in Nepal, or merely the absence of war, continues at the pleasure of the Maoists. For how long will this carry on?

Tiger Terrain

Prabhakaran was terrified of peace. He lived off terror. But how did the LTTE fund its campaigns of sustained violence? This riveting account explains how


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