Sushant Singh Rajput (1986-2020)

Divya Unny

An intelligent and large-hearted star gone all too soon

Melodrama Galore

Love in the time of difference

Bihar Election: Sons of the Toil

Lalu Prasad’s real fight is for the family

Bihari Laddism

Why can’t Patna boys reconcile the mofussil with a new urban India?

Love in Patna

Memories of a youthful encounter

The One and Only

Will Patna’s first nightclub be able to survive? So wonders Chinki Sinha on a visit to Disc Man

Pangs of a Patna Visit

Intimations of mortality

City of Perpetual Wait

The generation that grew up in Patna’s years of anarchy understood the wisdom of waiting and it has remained with them

Heaven, Hell and Earth

Amitava Kumar’s A Matter of Rats casts Patna in a triple role of memory, magnet and mundanity. It is a good book. With one more nudge, it could have been a great one

In Pursuit of the Hip in Patna

There is a Patna that is emerging with all the splendour and comedy of urban modernity.


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