Unveiling the Veil

VP Sharma

Pakistani artist Rashid Rana uses pornographic images of women to create the burkha in his critique of cultural stereotypes of women.

Where on Earth is Osama?

The world’s Most Wanted Man was not only sighted last in Pakistan, according to the WikiLeaks diaries, that country’s role in the turbulent region has been getting more and more alarming.

You Are No Safer for This Verdict

The judge has spoken. Ajmal Kasab is guilty. Our Home Minister has declared that this is a message to Pakistan and a victory for India. Is it, really? Not a chance.

Dissecting a Dynasty

South Asian politics is the politics of the family. And never before have we got such a view from the inside. It’s what gives this book its wider relevance.

Heir Reluctant

Fatima Bhutto on the Disneyfication of the family graveyard and why she likes to steer clear of politics.

This isn’t What it Looks Like

An exhibition of contemporary art from Pakistan redefines the idea of national art, and of the political versus the private.

A Fictional Boom

Pakistan’s alleged literary boom is becoming a case of counting one’s novelists before they hatch.

Pakistan circa 2020

The great four-way split happened five years ago, in 2015, but the impact is still being felt, what with the latest Pashtoonistan crisis.

No Sex Please, We’re Pakistani

The Newsline sex survey, titled ‘Sex and the Pakistani Woman’, might lead some readers to believe it may be about sex and the Pakistani woman. It isn’t.

Leap of Faith

To look to Islam for answers to why Pakistan’s dispossessed, brainwashed militants are carrying on in the name of religion is to fall for the greatest red herring of this age.


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