The Rise and Fall of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Syed Badrul Ahsan

Despite being destroyed by the Pakistan army, perhaps he would have done better as a politician if not blinded by hubris

Across the Fence

Tunnels and drones from Pakistan along the international border in Jammu pose a new challenge to India’s security

Best of 2020 Books: Non-Fiction: Our Maladies

The Hidden Hand | The Story of China | The Ratline |Agent Sonya | The Habsburgs | The Nine Lives of Pakistan

Declan Walsh: It’s Too Easy to Blame Zia for It All

In conversation with Declan Walsh, author and journalist

The Unfinished Agenda of Masood Azhar

Twenty years after his release from an Indian jail, the fountainhead of radical Islamism continues to send messengers of death to India

Pakistan: Land Without Small Mercies

The social and emotional inequalities of Pakistan come out in small anecdotes

Books Old and New

Offer a welcome diversion

Pride Portraits

Three artists from the subcontinent create online works of intimacy

The Legacy of Jinnah

The argument that had he lived longer, Pakistan would have evolved into a proper democracy is pure sophistry


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