A High Wind In the Himalayas

Sudeep Paul

India’s strategic planning must take into account not only the changes thrown into relief by the pandemic but also the interconnectedness of global crises

Dateline History

Tariq Ali reports from the fault lines of Afghanistan to make sense of its current trauma

Delhi and Lahore

The prologue to Partition

The Khorasan Bug

The dismantling of an Islamic state module in Kashmir reveals how its handlers were planning to integrate recruitment across the Indian Subcontinent

Subverting the Narrative

The space for neutral journalism is shrinking

How Jinnah Divided Muslims

An error and a tragedy

From Dictators to Democrats

Zia-ul-Haq to Edward Heath, a journalist relives his meetings with power people

The Instigator

He stole credit from colleagues and ran a global illegal nuclear proliferation network

Afghanistan: No Emirate for Women

Next: Why Pakistan will Talibanise Pakistan

The Usual Suspects

What the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan means for terrorism in India


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