The Changing Face of Media

Amit Khanna

In a society where multiple media are consumed simultaneously, traditional media are being forced to adapt

Vakkom Moulavi: My Grandfather, the Rebel

The Moulavi who defied the orthodoxies of politics and religion

Open Diary

The bhadralok sentiment

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

To use the Official Secrets Act against The Hindu is a long-lasting boomerang

Truth to Power

A newspaper that exposed the corruption of the Raj

MBIFL18: Life and Letters

A literary festival on the palace grounds gives Thiruvananthapuram a new cultural elan

Media in the Mirror

Journalism in a time of change

London Notebook

UK Election, Brexit and UK's opinion makers

Sir Harold Evans: ‘The decline of the printed newspaper is a great loss for English’

Former editor of The Sunday Times and author of, most recently, Do I Make Myself Clear?: Why Writing Well Matters


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