New Delhi


Chinki Sinha

It’s one of the best addresses in Delhi—and one of the poshest and the classiest as well in its imperial elegance. Some occupants find it too good to vacate. We find out why

India’s First Non-Prime Minister

New Delhi shrank on the world stage as he looked on

Fear and Loathing in Lutyens’ Delhi

Intimations of a New Establishment and the Return of Real India

Kejriwal’s Delhi

Snapshots from some of the winning constituencies of the Aam Aadmi Party

The Battle for New Delhi

An electoral contest that has India’s capital rivetted

In the Garden of Theatrical Delights

An extraordinary production of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale breaks the monotony of theatre as usual

The Family Business Hash Tag

An afternoon with three generations of a family of drug dealers

A Day of Protests

A visual account of the anti-government protests against the gang rape of a girl in New Delhi

Crimes against Women

National outrage is not enough

The Glitzy and the Surreal

A fly on the wall at the fashion week in Delhi


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