New Delhi


Virendra Kapoor

Speculative moves before 2019, Chandan Mitra's exit from BJP and the deja vu of Minto Bridge


The tailor of New Delhi, Lalu's Twitter avatar and the next President

Bound by Earth

Naiza Khan and Manisha Parekh breach borders and investigate geographies


In many ways, Modi has sought to transform the ossified culture of India’s capital

Out of Socialist Delhi

The evolutionary story of power

Discord in the House of Nehru

The fall of an institution where political patronage and academic research go hand in hand

Let’s Run Ultra

For runners who find the classic 42 km marathon too small a challenge, here is what gets the adrenaline going

The Eternal Enchantress

India’s legendary maverick returns in style with a new show. Anjolie Ela Menon in conversation


It’s one of the best addresses in Delhi—and one of the poshest and the classiest as well in its imperial elegance. Some occupants find it too good to vacate. We find out why

India’s First Non-Prime Minister

New Delhi shrank on the world stage as he looked on


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