Will the Maha Alliance Last?

Lhendup G Bhutia

With the immediate threat of the BJP now gone, will they be able to band together for a full five years?

Shiv Sena’s Last Stand

Uddhav Thackeray turned the party genteel but in the process deprived it of the aggression that fuelled its growth. The price of his chief ministership is being hostage to old family friend Sharad Pawar

House Arrest

With the J&K Assembly dissolved, it is perilous to ignore lessons of the past

Enter From Third Exit

With fresh elections on the cards in Jammu and Kashmir, can BJP turn the state’s two main political families irrelevant?

Kashmir: The Cost of a Statement

The architect of the BJP-PDP alliance in Kashmir has been sacked. Will it affect the partnership?

Pawar’s Thackeray Memorial Ploy

In leading a Shiv Sena project, the NCP leader shores up support for a lifelong ambition

The NCP’s Waning Relevance

Sharad Pawar’s inability to part ways with the party from which he split 13 years ago has diminished both his regional and national prospects

Pawar Outage

A resignation drama by NCP ministers shows that Sharad Pawar can neither clean up nor control his party

Ajit’s Antics

The young Pawar’s brash new political blabber is an attempt to drown out rivals

Opposition in Snooze Mode

Regain power? The saffron combine should quit dreaming


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