Dynasty Damages Democracy

Minhaz Merchant

The electoral legitimacy political dynasts seek is illusory

Born To Survive

In politics, with the right surname, there is no permanent wilderness

Amit Shah’s attack on Opposition precursor to no-trust debate

The Home Minister criticises the Opposition for forsaking merits of the Delhi Bill to save its newly minted alliance

Cabinet Hustle

The national capital’s grapevine was buzzing with talk of a possible shuffle of the Union Council of Ministers

Amnesia On Railway Safety

Public memory tends to be short but the Railways were subject to coalition politics when the Congress-led UPA was in office

Patriarch At Play

The astute politician is finding it difficult to manage his family’s ambitions

Mamata’s Harmony

Of late, she has begun to play the mouth organ too

Praful Patel: The Next One?

But his utility to the BJP is questionable

Powerless in Mumbai

The perpetual identity crisis of Raj Thackeray

How to Not Let Go

All that Devendra Fadnavis had to do was be patient and the rest would be history


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