Blood Red

Neelesh Misra

The country may be rife with strife, but insurgency cannot be used as an excuse for misgovernance.

Children of the Revolution

Some of them haven’t even attained puberty. But Maoists think nothing of brainwashing them to their cause and thrusting guns in their unsuspecting hands, using them to fight armed forces, lay land mines and inform on their kith and kin. This is the story of thousands of lost childhoods.

Those whom Naxals Kill

While the country bellyaches about the Naxal menace, who speaks for the poverty-stricken victims out there in the wilderness?

The Talks That Almost Were

A top Maoist ideologue has revealed how Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh had tried opening a secret backdoor channel with the CPI (Maoist). Did it have the approval of the party High Command?

From behind the Bars

Varavara Rao’s Captive Imagination is one of the most vivid prison diaries of our time.

The War Nobody Can Ever Win

Far from TV studios, in the deep forests of Gadchiroli, nobody cares about national sovereignty, the State or the Sensex. The only battle is to fool death and avoid getting injected with an odorous liquid that delays the rotting of a corpse.


Why did Kanu Sanyal, the very first Naxalite, take his own life? Ill health? Despair? Or was he making a final statement? The most profound of all.

The Real Trickle-Down Effect

The State’s war against the Naxalites boils down to just this: the poor fighting the poorer.

Just What the Naxal Ordered

Maoists have rejoiced the most heartily on the announcement of this new state to be carved out of Andhra Pradesh, and not without reason.

Left out by the Left

How a barely remembered island in the Sunderbans delta links to the chain of events that has led to the Indian State’s woes with Maoists.


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