It’s the Ideology, Stupid!

Siddharth Singh

The twists and turns of an Indian political plot

City Slickers

To say that Urban Naxals are a myth is a myth itself. But that should not become a licence for the state to suppress activism either

Sujatha Gidla: Identity Crisis

Sujatha Gidla is a subway conductor in New York with an Indian backstory of caste and isolation, now captured in a critically acclaimed memoir

Open Diary

The Naxalbari anniversary and the role of non-citizens in UK elections

Conflict Zone

A requiem for the people of Bastar

Beauty and Beasts in Nepal

Manjushree Thapa creates a breathtaking landscape that can be both hostile and affectionate towards the people who bustle in and out

The Heart of Revolution

KR Meera’s new novella is born of an early fascination with Naxalism and freedom

Blind in Dantewada

The standout feature of the State’s battle against Maoism is botched-up police action

Suspended Animation

The fate of Special Police Officers in the state needs to be decided quickly


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