Narendra Modi

Out of the Woods

How Modi survived the 5/9 conspiracy

Raj Thackeray berates Modi for Balasaheb ‘snub’

Criticises Gujaratis for giving nothing to Mumbai

Out to Bait the Middle Class

In addressing their party workers, both Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi have made a bold pitch for the votes of this rapidly expanding section of the electorate. This is now an electoral compulsion, not coincidence

The BJP’s Tea Party

With the aid of Modi’s story of his days as a tea vendor, the state party unit has been wooing the chaiwallahs of South Mumbai in earnest

So, Do You Need Modi?

The arrival of Arvind Kejriwal eliminates the need for the urban educated middle-class to negotiate a compromise with its own values

Modi and Muslims

With his eye on 2014, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate is reaching out to Muslims like never before

Narendra Modi and the Stockmarket

The Sensex’s celebratory air after the recent assembly poll results may be premature

Modi Mania in South India

The BJP’s PM aspirant is popular here but cannot count on the region for numbers

Modi, Media and Money

The interplay of these three ‘M’s is doing Indian democracy a gross disfavour


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