Narendra Modi

The Unravelling

Ullekh NP

The Congress humiliation takes a toll on I.N.D.I.A.’s electoral viability

The Modi Coalition

Conventional social barriers have been broken to forge an alliance from below

The Enduring Modi Spell

India’s trust in the Prime Minister multiplies even as his detractors sink deeper in denial

The Invincibility Code

How Modi made BJP’s victories inevitable

Beyond Caste Calculus

Service and good governance are at the centre of Modi’s vision

Redeeming the Redeemer Cult

The persistence of Narendra Modi as democracy's most compelling story

BJP’s huge win in MP is a big setback to Congress

“Modi ki Guarantee” is resonating with voters and CM Shivraj Chouhan’s schemes for women and farm schemes powered BJP to an unprecedented 5th term in office

Investing in Identity

What cultural capital can bring to national development

Still the Best

India can look back in pride at its World Cup campaign


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