Narendra Modi

Economy: The Restart

Siddharth Singh

The economy is on the rebound—but a full recovery needs investment growth and people spending with confidence

The Gamosa Metaphor

BJP banks on development, Congress plays the CAA card—and the battle remains essentially Assamese

BJP’s Campaign for the Future

The scorched-earth offensive

Global Meets Local

How does one explain Modi’s trip to Bangladesh on March 26th and 27th, just as West Bengal goes to polls on March 27th?

One and Many

Every election is about the validation of the Modi story

Who’s Afraid of Social Media?

Empowering. Liberating. Polarising. Incendiary. The interface between democracy and the digital noise

Standing Up to Big Tech

Why Australia is telling Google and Facebook they are not bigger than governments

Hell Is Not the Other

Bengal’s traditions of inclusiveness are at stake

Where Politics Is Passion

The trick in an election is to balance the national appeal with local faces. Language matters, and often doesn’t matter

Modi In the Marketplace

On February 10th, when Narendra Modi, in a first for an Indian Prime Minister, defended the private sector in parliament, it signalled the country’s readiness to embrace its wealth creators, ending a prolonged injustice


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