Narendra Modi

The War of the Images

Badri Narayan

Why the General Election is no longer about competing narratives

Welfare for All

Modi has drawn a fresh line on the polarisation debate

Cyber Communities

Where everyone has acquired the facility of being heard

A Measure of Mumbai

How India’s financial capital votes has an outsized influence on national politics. Modi leaves nothing to chance

Whose Democracy Is It Anyway?

The winner is all that matters. Not the liberal noise

Modi and the Muslim Veto

While it is unlikely Muslim opinion will change anytime soon, Modi has made a start with what can be defined as an honest outreach

The Assault of the Caveat

Why they can't come to terms with Modi's conviction politics

Game of Thrones

BJP seeks to storm the sugar heartland in western Maharashtra with Ajit Pawar’s NCP on its side

The X Factor

A decade of women’s empowerment could be the catalyst for Modi’s victory


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