Narendra Modi

The Problem with the Illiberal Label

Siddharth Singh

India remains a democracy and has been so except for a brief period when elections were suspended and fundamental rights curbed across the land

An Indian August at the UNSC

August was India’s moment in the journey of the UN

The Tranquil State of Freedom

The aesthetics of Indian politics IV

The Politics of Caste Census

What Modi has done over time, especially by providing public goods that were earlier local in nature, is to greatly weaken the salience of caste-based politics

Born on the Fifteenth of August

The dreams that tie India and Sri Aurobindo

The Indian Rate of Reform

Establishing a new business, choosing what to consume and relatively lower taxes are still ideologically suspect

Free Pass

No one can meet Modi without a Covid-negative test

India Deserves a Better Opposition

And Congress is perhaps best suited to serve the purpose

The Party and the Parivar

A new coordinator adds to the efforts to strengthen the interface between RSS and BJP

Ram Temple: Land Problem

The controversy over Ram temple construction land deal


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