Narendra Modi

India and China: The Incompatibles

Kanti Bajpai

Four reasons why India and China are not friends

Wooing Her Back

Anupriya Patel of Apna Dal has suddenly become very important

Federalism Unvaccinated

Ambitious chief ministers have, for now, realised their mistake. The Centre does well at macro tasks while states deliver micro ones

Vaccination Monitor

PK Mishra, known to be extremely low-key and one who never interacts with the media, is perhaps for the first time giving interviews to English dailies

Modi’s Year of Reckoning

Why UP 2022 will make all the difference

Culture of the Vulture

Predatory journalism is overrated but Modi must engage with critics

India-Bangladesh Relations Turn Fifty

Both New Delhi and Dhaka should know that opportunities cannot be frittered away by idiocies and fake news

Virtual Worship

Narendra Modi has advised sadhus and priests to refrain from gathering during festivals and, instead, find solace in online worship


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