A Lynching in Dadri

Ullekh NP

The killing of a man over rumours of beef eating in a western UP village brings out the worst instincts of electoral politics and casts a shadow on the modernisation programme of the Prime Minister

Lies, Duplicity and Deceit in the name of Allah

A special issue on ‘Islam and terrorism’ by Urdu magazine Haftroza Nai Duniya distorts facts, disfigures history and denies misdeeds

Without Land or Leader

The revival of Congress now is far more difficult than it has ever been

Silence of the Civilised

The beheading of James Foley and the sinister truth about ISIS

Remember Sachar?

The sorry tale of how the Congress has failed Muslims on a key promise yet again

The Adrenalin of Adversity

The story of a man who set up shop in a Muslim colony of Ahmedabad shunned by other businesses after the riots of 2002

Modi’s Muslim Fans

They do exist. And have been growing more vocal by the day. What this says about a minority that has been under pressure in Gujarat

The Agony of the Usual Suspects

After every terrorist attack, they are picked up by the police. They are inevitably Muslims, and there is rarely any outrage in India about such blatant communal profiling

Godhra Tales

At ground zero of one of independent India’s most convulsive events, the Hindu-Muslim relationship is not as vexed as many fear

Tenderbox Not Tinderbox

For all its contemporary woes and tortured history recounted in MJ Akbar’s new book, Pakistan is not about to fall apart


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