Letters to Mother

Narendra Modi

‘My expressions are often abstract; perhaps when the heart is overwhelmed the mind races faster than the hand on paper’

Life, Love and Loss

Ajay Kamalakaran’s novel maps the struggles of a single mother against the strife of Russia

All About the Mother

In praise of a different kind of woman in fiction

All About the Mother

Once a beggar and now a saviour of the abandoned. The journey of Sindhutai Sapkal

The Bravery of a Soldier’s Mother

After her son was killed in Kashmir, Anuradha Gore made it her life’s mission to have other youngsters join the Army

First Home: Prison

Pushpa Basnet on bringing up children who have spent time in jail with their mothers

Good Boys Love Their Mothers

On the peculiarly intimate bond between Indian mothers and sons

The Survivors

The lives of Aarushi Talwar’s family and friends

Saas Aur Bahu

A new study says their relationship could have influenced the evolution of menopause

The Irreversible

Why I dumped my baby in a garbage heap


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