Fearing for her life, Afghan TV anchor wants to leave Afghanistan

Ullekh NP

Shabnam Khan Dawaran, whose video exposing the Taliban went viral, says she continues to receive death threats

Mumbai’s Mirror

Asia’s oldest newspaper turns 200

‘Malice Towards One and All’

Khushwant Singh once wrote that Indira Gandhi could not become a clerk in the Government she had most fortuitously come to head

A New Breed of Public Figures

Those who seek to combine an update on current affairs with gladiatorial entertainment

The Assault on Arnab

The anger of the state government was evident in the number of times Arnab Goswami was called in by the police, culminating in his arrest in a different case

Screen Test

The ratings system is broken and the television industry knows it

Breaking News

A glimmer of hope amid media pollution

Screen Test

The pandemic signals a paradigm shift in the way we are informed and entertained

The Ideal and the Real

Will Imran Khan be Pakistan’s first Prime Minister to last a full term?

The FIR Fetish

Whom will the law protect—truth tellers or offence takers?


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