All About the Matriarch

Manu S Pillai

A tale of divorce and diverse husbands in 19th century Kerala

Where Legends Meet

Popular names in international cinema like Pedro Almodóvar, Scarlett Johansson and Fernando Meirelles took away all attention on Day 3 of MAMI

Adultery as an Attitude

It was the sociology of Hindi cinema that first decriminalised it

The Law’s Big Flaw

A Supreme Court judgment on Section 498A puts husbands at the peril of divorce lawyers again


A fake marriage, Arun Jaitley's return to work and Modi's Red Fort speech

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

An Indian love child and other wild revelations. Former wife Reham Khan shames Imran in her memoir

Race and a Royal Wedding: A Palace Coup

A royal wedding that may redefine the monarchy


A future lens on how we date, romance and marry

The Marry Go Round

On meaningless social integration schemes that get pointless tweaks


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