Manmohan Singh

The Unreliable Source

Hartosh Singh Bal

The second rung of the Congress party, where there is much jostling for power, is the origin of some of the most ridiculous political spin in recent times

Dr Singh on India’s Dollar Desperation

The PM says the best way to head off a BoP crisis would be to lure enough inward dollars to fund India’s current account deficit

The Rebirth of a Prime Minister

The reform announcements that have given Manmohan Singh and the Congress another lifeline are driven primarily by cold electoral logic

Have Laws, Will Flout

To fast-track reforms, India’s Prime Minister apparently wants to bulldoze green clearance barriers

Just Do It

Between his first term as Finance Minister in the early 90s, when Manmohan Singh ushered in economic reforms, and his second term now, India has changed dramatically. But Manmohan Singh in 2012 is a different man, with a different boss and political circumstances. There are powerful reasons though why he must push key reforms

Economic Reforms: There’s Hope Yet

With Indian reforms so badly stuck, whining about the rest of the world is an abdication of responsibility.

The Death of Manmohanomics

Not so long ago, India’s emergence as a tiger economy was seen as a done deal. Today, double-digit growth looks a forlorn dream. What went wrong?

Manmohan’s Foreign Policy Twist

As rapid developments reshape the world economy and India’s neighbourhood, the PM rushes to rebalance relationships

The Beginning of the End?

At every step, senior Congress leaders have been outmanoeuvred by Anna’s aides

Mr PM, We Have a Problem

Contrary to what Manmohan Singh says, it seems there was no ‘concurrence’ between the Finance Ministry and Telecom Department on 2G spectrum allocation


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