Manmohan Singh

The Dharmic Quotient

Rajeev Deshpande

The trajectory of moral politics

The “biggest revadi”

Reverting to the old pension scheme

A Muslim PM

Why it’s unlikely in the near future

Why Abdul Kalam Was Denied a Second Term

On the eve of his birth anniversary on October 15, his former private secretary makes some startling revelations about the politics behind the scenes

Truth Alone Triumphs. But Whose Truth?

Indian democracy imposes no narrow conformities on its citizens


Whataboutery being a first cousin of the new bothsidesism

A Vice-President’s Reflections

An account of a proud Indian Muslim who occupied the highest offices

Rajan Against RBI

Rajan has been the first to slam every policy decision by the RBI

Dreams From Obama

Obama's promised land is a hurt and a reward, and maybe that’s how it should be for an American who carries within him the sighs and joys of other cultures


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