Jallikattu: A Red Rag to a Bull

V Shoba

A year after unprecedented protests over banning jallikattu that pitted cultural traditionalists against animal rights activists, the rural sport has become a youthful rebellion

Mutiny in the Court

Four dissenting Supreme Court judges go public with their grievances. Now what?

It’s Our Dignity-in-Death Moment

Why India must legalise Living Wills and remove the confusion over euthanasia and End Of Life Care

Muslim Women: The Long Road to Equal Rights

A breakthrough judgment but freedom for most Muslim women in India is a far cry. Let Parliament do its bit now


The new attorney general and a PMO without prima donnas 

Once Again

A riveting retelling of the Nanavati case

Grime and Punishment

Prison diaries of the infamously famous

Fly High But Lie Low

The success of any law or regulation lies in balancing the interests of all concerned


Law officers of the central government, the cleanest PMO and the pull of black money


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