Undue Process

Madhavankutty Pillai

Karan Oberoi’s arrest shows the danger of automatic assumption of guilt in sexual crimes

The Crime That Can’t Be

Why former CJI Dipak Misra’s take on marital rape not being made an offence is erroneous

One Before All

Placing the individual, not society, at the heart of the Constitution

The Futility of Imposing Expiry Dates on Vehicles

Why am I being stopped: aam admi encounters an arbitrary rule

States of Disobedience

Why is it that many Supreme Court rulings go unimplemented in the South?

Inside the Metoo Crucible

Can the accused be a victim too?

Porn Busters

The explosion of online smut and why some want it banned in India

It’s Not Blasphemous

Extremists in Pakistan fail to see that the acquittal of Asia Bibi is not unIslamic

Sabarimala: Among the Believers

Kerala’s most visited temple has become a war zone for reformists and traditionalists following the Supreme Court verdict allowing young entry to the shrine

A Crisis of Faith: The Wages of Selective Secularism

The issue at Sabarimala is not about equal gender rights


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