A Matter of Principle

The three dissenting judges on same-sex marriage may have helped preserve the rule of law in India

Crime and Punishment

The proposed reforms to Indian criminal law break with a colonial legacy but do not go far enough

Crime and Over-Punishment

Should leaking exam papers really merit life imprisonment?

Justice KM Joseph: Discordant Notes

He retired less happy than he might have liked for a judge with a long career

A Reasonable Restriction

The Law Commission has affirmed that sedition is a necessary law that must be saved but with additional safeguards

Uses of Leniency

A joint committee of Parliament has submitted a report on an omnibus Bill that seeks to decriminalise provisions in forty-two laws by replacing jail terms with penalties

Foreign Concept

On caste discrimination bans in the US

The House of Horror

A minor Adivasi girl rescued from a working couple’s house in Gurugram recounts her five-month ordeal

The Case for a Good Death

India never goes far enough with euthanasia


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