Does Geography Impact language?


Yes, the lay of the land has a bearing on verbal communication

Do Women Really Talk More?

Yes. And this is because they possess higher levels of a key language protein

Jaw-Jaw with Jarawas

Pramod Kumar is one of the few researchers in the world who has interacted with this Andamanese tribe. He recently completed a PhD thesis on the grammar of their language

English Vinglish

It’s great to have Sridevi back on screen after such a long gap

The Death of an Indian-born Language

William Rozario, last speaker of Indo-Portuguese Creole of Cochin, died recently. When I had met him for my research on Creole languages, he was glad to speak his language again, even though I could only pick it up in parts

Operation Mind Your Language

English grammar books in hand, young Afghans are in India to prepare their next generation for the linguistic challenge that comes with fighting a global war on terror.

To Shift F7 or Not to Shift F7

That is not a mere question. It is an entry to a surreal new world of language.

An Excursion into Evil

...or why Indian history is so short on tyrants.

Kapil’s Kaplish

Kapil Dev, without any struggle, has got complete independence from the rules of the English language

Learning Language

Scientists studying bird songs have come up with observations that suggest there is no separating nurture from nature


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