User-Friendly God

Lakshmi Bayi

Krishna remains a priceless gift to humanity

The Ocean of Love

What bridges the distance between the human and the divine

The Cult of Kalki Bhagavan

He claims to be an incarnation of Vishnu—and even his own family as minor gods in his pantheon

Rama and Krishna: Two Sides of Divinity

Both Ram and Krishna have Maha Vishnu as their fundamental source. Yet their manifestations are completely different

The Travels of a Deity

How a Krishna sect in Rajasthan bridges multiple divides

Kama Rajya

Independence through eroticism

Lost in Transition

‘Riti Kaal’ is that splendid period in Hindi poetry that no one wants to claim

In a Sacred Grove

In praise of eco-friendly Hinduism

What Does the Name Rama Mean to You?

The various divinities of Lord Rama

Gauri Diwakar: ‘Everything is possible in Kathak’

Gauri Diwakar combines the traditional and the modern


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