Education: Kunal Gandhi, 35, Co-Founder and CEO, Logic Roots

Sonali Acharjee

“We used mice, frogs and monsters to turn math into something fun that families could practice together”

Instagram Kids of Bollywood

The online sensation of star children

Among the Smallest Storytellers

Notes from a weekend spent at the Bookaroo Festival of Children’s Literature—a buoyant breeding ground for young readers

The Online Life of Kids

…and what cybercrime experts have to say about it

How I found my daughters

Adopting kids in India isn’t easy to begin with; adopting twin girls has legal complications. Anuradha Nagaraj recounts her struggle to bring her daughters home

Eating Dirt Does No Harm

Scientists scan cultural accounts to conclude it’s a habit that may help protect against pathogens

Confessions of a Gamer

“In gaming tournaments, I have seen kids barking at each other, having physical fights. I have seen keyboards thrown...”

India This Week

Is Congress putting its House in Order?; HC Judge Demoted; Trouble for BBC Anchor; Scare of the Bad Old Days; Don’t Let the Kids Chicken Out

Learn as You Will

Some parents do not send their children to school because they believe it is a destructive concept. These kids pick up things as they grow up talking to animals, running freely through villages and observing the whole world around them


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