Kashi Vishwanath

An Opportunity in the Gyanvapi Dispute

Arvind Sharma

The righting of historical wrongs prevents the past from compromising the future

Aurangzeb’s Reign in the Light of His Own Orders

Aurangzeb’s reign in the light of his own orders

Faith in the Court

BJP has taken a cautious stance on the Kashi and Mathura disputes, preferring to await the legal outcome

‘We are not talking of 3,000 shrines, we can end it with these three’

The Kashi and Mathura temple-mosque disputes should not be allowed to linger and the cases can be resolved by consensus, Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) Working President Alok Kumar tells Rajeev Deshpande

The Truth About Gyanvapi

By Attempting to sanitise Aurangzeb’s anti-Hindu legacy, historians have done him a disservice

Aurangzeb on Trial

He partitioned the Indian mind even as he expanded his empire

Decolonising the Mind

Narendra Modi has given Indians their confidence back

The Other Kashis

From Mumbai to Tamil Nadu to the Himalayas, soaking in the numerous avatars of the spiritual heart of India

Bharat Lal: The Favourite

Some say the appointment as Lokpal secretary is a stepping stone for Lal to eventually become principal secretary to the prime minister

Kashi Consciousness

The enduring mysteries of a city


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