Kapil Sibal

High Priest of Red Tape

PR Ramesh

Tuhin Kanta Pandey has honed building roadblocks into an art form

Rahul Gandhi: Will He?

There is a buzz in the Congress circuit that Rahul Gandhi will return to formally lead the party again

A Sorry Figure

More canary than parrot | What Rahul wants | Some like it hot

Rahul, Akhilesh and Wild Asses

Shah takes a call on Himachal | Sex and the Congress | Kapil Sibal's backflip on poll symbols | A pyrrhic Congress gain

From Court to House

As national parties increasingly find themselves fighting legal battles, influential lawyers walk away with Rajya Sabha nominations

Nonsense and Sensibility

A tale of two Sibals and their worldviews

Dazzled by Their Soul

Our politician poets such as Kapil Sibal are so in love with themselves that they believe every eructation of theirs deserves a readership. Our literary culture is more than happy to oblige

Two Faces of Denial in the 2G Case

The Congress and those who defended its misdeeds in the name of economic growth continue to soft pedal the extent of the problem

For a Moment of Statesmanship

With Rushdie, the government has again chosen the cowardice of practicality over the courage of morality

‘Unfriending’ Kapil Sibal

This government seems to be working overtime to prove that it does not think its decisions through


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