Kapil Dev

The Day Cricket Changed

Indian and West Indian legends look back on June 25th, 1983

India Stars In 83

Kabir Khan's movie is faultless as it recreates the era, the cricket and the context

Selection Day and the Indian Coach

The coach’s role is more than just a psychological foil for the captain and there is very little public information about what Shastri’s approach is to coaching

Batting for the Naturals

If sport existed only to spread the maximum degree of human happiness, everyone should want India to win all the time


The all-rounder who helped India score their first victory of the Test series with a fiery bowling spell

Cricket: Jewels in the Crown

Reliving India’s Test matches in England down the decades

Hardik Pandya: The New Kapil

Hardik Pandya is on his way to inherit the mantle of the all-rounder legend

Root for the Thinking Man

Virender Sehwag, great player, is not exactly coach material like Anil Kumble


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