Kapil Dev

Root for the Thinking Man

Madhavankutty Pillai

Virender Sehwag, great player, is not exactly coach material like Anil Kumble

Virat Kohli’s Intelligent Design

The year of the most feared batsman


Captains matter and so does Dhoni, who is still the best hope for India

Silly Points of Nuance

In the box with Navjot Sidhu and Kapil Dev

When You See Kapil in Tears

Earlier this year, India’s former captain found his eyes welling up on television once again. Could it be the 1983 win getting eclipsed by World Cup 2011?

On the Road with Kapil’s Devils

One of the few Indian journalists to have covered the 1983 World Cup recalls the campaign that changed cricket

Kapil’s Kaplish

Kapil Dev, without any struggle, has got complete independence from the rules of the English language

Kaps and I Wish Each Other

The legend whose name is mispronounced in his own country (it’s Gaa-vas-kar, not Ga-vaas-kar), just turned 60


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