Kangana Ranaut

Tweeting His Heart out

Rajeev Masand

Beyond Titles and Honours • Process over Pace

For Fame on the French Riviera

Harmony Restored • The Restless Girlfriend

Guess Who Kissed and Made Up

No Golden Crowns, Please! • High and Dry in LA

The royal who priced herself out

The Royal Who Priced Herself Out • Look Who’s Back! • Savouring Her Pound of Flesh

The sticky ex

The Sticky Ex • Back in School Again • The Sleazy Super Agent

An Unlikely Threesome

An Unlikely Threesome • Passing the Torch • Weight Throwing Contest


Queen is held together by a delightful performance by Kangana Ranaut that you shouldn’t miss

The Same Black Dress

The Same Black Dress • The Beautiful Collaboration • Taking Matters Into His Own Hands

A Collection of Rejections

A Collection of Rejections • Evil Supergirl • The Casting Cash


Snubfest • Not a Nice Girl to Shoot • Daggers Where They’re Due


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