The Voyeur in Our Midst

Chinki Sinha

…and the case for dignity in reporting on rape

The Thing About Human Dignity

Lessons about ourselves from the story of Narayan Pergaein

Plagiarism Rows

The word originates from the Latin word plagiaries, which means kidnapper

The Reader’s Writer

Tabish Khair on why he doesn’t write for critics, his dislike of the term ‘postcolonial’, and how journalism helped him overcome his dread of deadlines

How I Write

‘Writing is like a Fancy Drug That’s Hard to Score and Harder to Quit’ ~ Mohammed Hanif

Sounds Like Teen Spirit

If Jug, like his Riverdale namesake, seems too laidback to be paying attention to weightier matters, you’ve been had

This Is Not Journalism as We Know It

In their response to Open’s X-Tapes exposé, Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi are defending the indefensible. Here is why.

The Buck Stops Here Too

After Open carried the transcripts of conversations between two iconic journalists and Niira Radia, a powerful PR person, the Indian media countered the story with strategic silence. A sacred code of Indian journalism had been broken.

Go Forth and Sting

In 2005, two journalists caught 11 MPs on camera taking money to ask questions in Indian Parliament. It became one of the greatest TV exposés. But the journalists were soon hounded by the system and they suddenly found themselves described as the accused. In a landmark judgment last week, the Delhi High Court vindicated them by firmly defending sting journalism. Here, one of the journalists, explains what happens after you get a great story.


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