What happens when eggs go missing from Midday Meals?

Schoolchildren in Jharkhand are being deprived of 20 million eggs every week. How? Well, owing to the interests of some private contractors

Thieves on Two Wheels

The poor of Jharkhand depend on cycle peddlers for their coal—peddlers who, by law, are thieves

The Miseducation of Jharkhand’s Children

Imparted in a language they scarcely understand, the education seems designed to leave them unread

The Madhu Koda Interview (Part 2)

“Usha Martin and Tata Steel are certainly involved... [though] their involvement is invisible.”

The Madhu Koda Interview (Part 1)

Former chief minister of Jharkhand Madhu Koda speaks to Open in the first on-record interview since his arrest.

Was This Man Framed?

The question why Madhu Koda was charged with money laundering is as unsettling as the supposed evidence against him. Speaking to Open, Jharkhand’s former Chief Minister is loud and clear that he is a victim of corporate greed in conspiracy with venal politics

“Why Am I in Jail?”

“Where is the evidence against me?,” asks former Jharkhand CM Madhu Koda in the first on-record interview since his arrest.

Revolutionary Road

A fact-finding team from the Human Rights Lawyers Network visited Jharkhand, a state where Operation Green Hunt is underway. This is not a story about what they found, but an inside view of such a mission.

The Hunted

Even today, women are brutally assaulted and paraded naked for being ‘witches’. These victims from Deoghar and Ranchi districts bear telling witness.


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