The Evil Eye

Aditi Narayani Paswan

Tribal women are being labelled as witches and killed by their kin in parts of eastern India

The House of Horror

A minor Adivasi girl rescued from a working couple’s house in Gurugram recounts her five-month ordeal

Endgame in Ranchi

Who will succeed Hemant Soren as Jharkhand chief minister if he is forced to quit?

Who Will It Be?

The Hemant Soren government could fall soon, as in Maharashtra, and then BJP would have to step in

Praful Patel: The Next One?

But his utility to the BJP is questionable

OBC Gambit?

After stitching the upper-caste and Dalit votes, the BJP now wants to make inroads into Other Backward Classes?

Rising From Below

Draupadi Murmu never lost touch with the grassroots or forgot her old neighbours when she was in public office. As Governor, she was fair and understood well the workings of the state administration

Draupadi Murmu: An Epic Choice

Elevating Draupadi Murmu as NDA’S presidential candidate is a significant step in Narendra Modi’s project of civilisational repair that is bringing the marginalised into the social mainstream

The Jharkhand Jinx

It is now Hemant Soren’s turn to be accused of corruption as an old mining lease comes back to haunt him

Dhoni Chic

The cricket story began in Ranchi but the cultural phenomenon became Pan-Indian


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