Islamist militants

The Second Front

Rahul Pandita

Pakistan-based terrorist groups re-enter Jammu’s Poonch division after nearly two decades

The Unending Cycle of Terror

Terrorist groups daily remind Pakistan of the terrible price its security personnel and civilians are paying

White Lies

Is Kashmir the dystopian Valley as labelled by the US media?

The Future of Kashmiri Pandits

Is there a life for them in the Valley?

A New Poetics of Protest

The aesthetics of Indian politics XIV

Breaking the Valley’s Silence

The Kashmir Files has lifted the 30-year veil over a shared shame

The Flawed Nature of Indian Secularism

Now, The Kashmir Files has forced a reassessment

Return to Tora Bora

The crescent over Kabul today clarifies how America, on the eve of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, diminished the idea of freedom

Remote Controlled

From Bengal to Kerala, the arc of Islamist extremists taking instructions from invisible terrorist operatives

Veiled Response

The Sri Lankan ban on face coverings gives the terrorists what they seek


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