A Dishonourable Killing

Prabha Chandran

The price women in Pakistan pay for challenging social norms

‘My advice to Pakistan: Stop inventing history,’ says Husain Haqqani

Open conversation with Husain Haqqani, Pakistani diplomat and former ambassador to the United States and Sri Lanka

A Summer of Turmoil Awaits the Valley

Short on weapons but with hundreds of youth ready to join militancy, terrorist groups in Kashmir are reportedly using lucky draws for recruitment

Lunar Thoughts

The moon and the myth

The Truth about Love Jihad

The dangers of conversion by other means

ISIS: The End of an Idea

The defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria should not be an occasion for global complacency. Anchal Vohra reports from Najaf and Baghdad

Marching for Jihad

The rise and rage of Popular Front of India

Open Diary

Religion, law and a run-in with Aadhaar

Zakir Naik: A Different Kind of Jihadist

Deconstructing the provocations and self-promotion of Zakir Naik


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