‘Iraq War led to the dismantling of the international order and fragmentation of Islam’

Ullekh NP

Oxford University professor Faisal Devji on the impact of the Iraq War

A Requiem for the Year of God and Fear

And still we cannot have an honest conversation on Islam

The Irony of This War

Despite Obama’s strong words, the West is still groping for a response to Islamic State

Calm After the Rage of Evil

‘Europe would need a common enemy to unite and the only one available is Islam.’ Is André Malraux’s prophecy coming true?

Vive Paris: From the Open Archives

Open has been consistent in writing about the ideas that shape the future and divide the present, and no idea concentrates the global mind as much as radical Islamism does today. Here we carry excerpts from the past pages of the magazine, and taken together, the following views by our first-rate contributors tell us that we haven’t travelled much from that horrifying day in January this year in Paris


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