Elsewhere in History

Devapriya Roy

A Bangladeshi writer discovers the East

Chabahar And the Great Game

The geopolitical significance of the India-Iran deal

Yemen crisis

The current conflict is also seen as part of a regional power struggle between Shia-ruled Iran and Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia

Peace Prospects and Energy Security

The US-Iran deal may open the way at last for the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline

What Middle East Volatility Might Mean

The US is about to impose new sanctions on Iran, which could mean oil anxiety is back

America’s New Iran Strategy

The goal of America’s latest sanctions is to reduce Iran’s export earnings drastically while shielding the global economy from oil price spikes

Doomsday Scenario

What makes Iran important for global crude oil markets is its geo-strategic location, not its volume of exports

An Iranian Spark in India

On 12 June 2009, Mahmud Ahmedinejad came to power in Iran in a disputed election, which triggered a short-lived democratic movement. In Pune, which has a sizeable population of Iranian students, there was a flicker of protest, but it was immediately snuffed out. A reminiscence

The Greatest Virus Ever Written

Stuxnet, the rogue programme that scuttled Iran’s nuclear plans

Nowhere Girl

At the age of five, Sara Rahbar fled the Islamic revolution in Iran, walking through knee-deep snow and hiding in caves. Years later, she returned, only to realise that we are all in exile in a way


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