Why ChatGPT is right and wrong about biryani

Ullekh NP

It is a main course often served in tiffin boxes. It originated in Iran, but became a rice dish in the Indian subcontinent

Mapping Women’s Anger

The importance of righteous rage, from the ancient epics to the revolutions of today

The Generation Slap

What makes an orthodoxy like Iran disband the morality police

Persian Discontent

Salman Rushdie’s prophecy and the second Iranian revolution

Out of the Veil in Iran

Iran’s youth have been reeling under an economy marred by decades of US sanctions, corruption and the pandemic. The attempts to tighten the noose on social freedoms and the state’s heavy-handedness have therefore invited an almost instant and massive pushback

The Double Tragedy of Palestine

Has the progressive consensus on victimhood become an apologia for the theocratic struggle of Hamas?

Iran of the Mind

The challenges of writing about a place in permanent flux

Death of a Shadow Warrior

The afterlife of Qassim Suleimani

Decisively Submissive

Delhi’s compliance with Washington on Iran will let China gain influence


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