The Double Tragedy of Palestine

S Prasannarajan

Has the progressive consensus on victimhood become an apologia for the theocratic struggle of Hamas?

Iran of the Mind

The challenges of writing about a place in permanent flux

Death of a Shadow Warrior

The afterlife of Qassim Suleimani

Decisively Submissive

Delhi’s compliance with Washington on Iran will let China gain influence

Masih Alinejad: ‘What made me different was that I took action’

Iranian activist-journalist Masih Alinejad reveals the importance of saying no to repressive regimes in her memoir

Blowing in the Wind

India gets caught in Trump’s trade war—and there’s a price to pay

Arabian Knights and Nightmare

The purge in Riyadh and the deepening Cold War between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Elsewhere in History

A Bangladeshi writer discovers the East

Chabahar And the Great Game

The geopolitical significance of the India-Iran deal

Yemen crisis

The current conflict is also seen as part of a regional power struggle between Shia-ruled Iran and Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia


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