The Silence of the Sheikhs

Minhaz Merchant

The fear of the Arab Street and Washington


Iran’s proxy wars cannot conceal the last gasps of a revolution

A Dangerous New World

The consequences of Hamas’ attack will spiral out, bringing disruptive changes to the long-running conflict in Israel-Palestine, to the Middle East and as far afield as South Asia

A Riyadh-Tehran Entente?

From the Levant to the Persian Gulf, Iran is unlikely to easily give up its infrastructure of dominance

Why China, Not the US, Could Broker Iran-Saudi Truce

Analysts say Americans lost credibility due to their approach in the region

Hair-Rising in Tehran

Iranians are striving for an ‘ordinary life’, not a ‘heaven’ that is forced from within or without

Why ChatGPT is right and wrong about biryani

It is a main course often served in tiffin boxes. It originated in Iran, but became a rice dish in the Indian subcontinent

Mapping Women’s Anger

The importance of righteous rage, from the ancient epics to the revolutions of today

The Generation Slap

What makes an orthodoxy like Iran disband the morality police

Persian Discontent

Salman Rushdie’s prophecy and the second Iranian revolution


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