information technology

Indian-origin IT head at FIFA World Cup gung-ho about AI

Ullekh NP

Doha-based Niyas Abdulrahiman says the concept of ‘compact stadiums’ is here to stay

The Network Nation

How digitalisation is driving growth in India

The Physicist Genius

Narinder Singh Kapany was an inventor, art collector and entrepreneur whose work transformed information technology

Good Riddance for the Second Time

Six years after it was struck down, the draconian Section 66A finally makes a reluctant exit

The Thing about Sedition

On evidences that are necessary to charge a person with sedition

The Sharing Quotient

Digital technology has enhanced the concept of give and take

Go the Distance

More regulatory reforms instead of stimulus packages please

Level Playing Field

How Generation Z is conquering gaming as contestants and creators

Twenty In Twenty

They turn 20 in 2020. The ideas and aspirations of a generation


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