Indira Gandhi

Ruin of the Congress

Hartosh Singh Bal

As two recent books tell us, India’s most charismatic leader, Indira Gandhi, has left a debilitating effect on the party. Rahul’s efforts to shelve personality-driven politics only bewilders it

Why Bother Re-arranging Chairs?

Even if the speculation in Delhi is true, a Kamaraj Lite Plan is unlikely to help the Congress

A Gandhian’s Memories

How land meant for farmers displaced by Partition later housed the rich and powerful of Delhi, one of them being Indira Gandhi.

‘Yes, I Don’t Like Pakistan’

Salman Rushdie speaks of a failure called Pakistan, and why his lawyer told him proving Indira Gandhi was not of good character was the only way to save his skin

Riot and Wrong

As the Jarnail Singh incident reminds us, the 1984 anti-Sikh riots still rankle. This essay from Khushwant Singh’s Why I Supported the Emergency explains why


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